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Countries For Paid Education



  The American education system is renowned across the world for its high academic standards. Indeed, the QS World University Rankings 2022 lists 26 US universities among the top 100 universities worldwide! Moreover, many US universities are very well funded, which means that its students can benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and forward-thinking technologies that provide an innovative classroom experience. For example, Arizona State University has been ranked the number 1 “most innovative university” by U.S. News & World Report for the past 7 years in a row for its ongoing improvements to the curriculum, campus life, facilities and technology. Studying abroad at a US university is a great investment in your future, giving you an excellent education and preparing you for anything you dream of doing after graduation.


  The cultural diversity, clean and vast surroundings, friendly people, good standards of living, and high- quality education system have made Australia the top destination for international students. Australia is a multicultural dynamic country where students can live and learn with ease and comfort. Students graduating from Australia are able to get lucrative jobs and ready acceptance in other universities for further studies. English as the major language of conversation, moderate tuition fees and living costs, and excellent weather conditions are some of the major attractions which pull international students to this country and make Australia one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students as well.
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New Zealand

  Every single university in New Zealand is included in the QS World Rankings. Every. Single. One of them. As a country, New Zealand has spent the recent past pouring resources into their education system, using a similar but equally accredited system to the British one, and it’s already begun to pay off: The University of Auckland is ranked in the QS world top 100, the Victoria University of Wellington is in the top 1% across 19 different subject areas, while the University of Waikato in Hamilton is ranked 72nd in the world, and number 1 in New Zealand for its research impact and quality. As well as the great quality education, New Zealand’s universities are also internationally diverse, with over 30,000 international students learning across the country in 2018. Indeed, a significant 20% of students at the Victoria University of Wellington come from outside the country.


  Ireland has a well-renowned education system, and its educational institutions rank among the best in the world. The degrees obtained from Ireland are globally recognised. Ireland is ranked in the top 10 for education (IMB World Competitiveness Ranking 2019). The universities in Ireland are known for providing the best research opportunities. International students can be assured of the fact that they will get ample opportunities to enjoy high education standards and research opportunities that will help them boost their careers. This is definitely one of the top reasons to study in Ireland, especially if you are an international student. With an employability rate of over 80 per cent, Irish institutions offer several career opportunities for international students.


  Studying in Sweden is unique, and you will not find an experience like it anywhere else in the world. Swedish educational institutions provide an exciting as well as open environment, with a strong focus on cooperation. This will give you valuable skills that you cannot find at other universities across the world. The global job market rewards ambitious, innovative and perceptive team players, and you will be able to show that you are a team player because of the education that you get there. You will also learn techniques for working in a team that you may have never considered had you studied somewhere else that encouraged individuality over teamwork.


  To start with, you’ll get great education and excellent value for money here. The high quality of the tuition offered by Dutch educational institutions is widely acknowledged and tuition fees and the cost of living in the Netherlands are considerably lower than in many English-speaking countries. Furthermore, the Netherlands also offers a range of scholarship opportunities. To increase your chances on the job market, you’ll acquire and develop valuable skills, such as problem analysis and solving, and creative thinking. The Dutch teaching style is interactive and student-centred. You’ll learn how to form your own opinion, maintain an open mind and increase your international orientation.


  Studying abroad in Austria will expose students to a country with a vast political, artistic and educational history. Students in all disciplines will find themselves surrounded by the beautiful landscape of this unique country. Studying in Austria will allow you to experience some of the best skiing in the world, and yodeling at its best. Vienna, Austria’s capital city, has been the hub of musical activity for centuries, with the famous Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss all creating masterpieces here. Students who choose to study abroad in Austria will have access to a number of first class universities and will find themselves walking down cobbled lanes and through ancient squares on their way to class. Studying abroad in Austria is sure to broaden any student’s horizons.
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An impulsive decision in choosing your study abroad destination can create lots of chaos in your career. Therefore, it is crucial to understand all the aspects of Denmark Education system. Unlike other European countries, Denmark has lots of benefits for international student which eventually provides a better life. Denmark is a goldmine of high quality education and 5 Danish universities comes under QS World University Ranking. The degree student earns at Danish universities or colleges will be internationally recognized and valuable for meeting future aspects. The education system and facilities offered by most of the universities in Denmark are highly appreciated all over the world.
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  The education system in Finland boasts to be some of the best in the world. It is no wonder there are 14000 international students studying in Finland. 9 universities in Finland are ranked among the top universities in the world by QS world ranking, and not to forget the prestigious universities of applied sciences. In short, education in Finland can be compared to education in any top English speaking country like the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia. nternational students can always go for scholarship opportunities that come with study in Finland. Many universities offer international students funding opportunities like grants and scholarships. The scholarships are usually based on your academic performance. Some universities may also offer fully paid scholarships, which make education effectively tuition-free.
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If you are considering to study in Hungary in English, there are plenty of options to choose from. The best-ranked university in Hungary, and usually among the top 500 universities worldwide, is the University of Szeged. With well over 20,000 students, it is also one of the largest institutions in the country. Other notable universities include Semmelweis University (in Budapest), Eötvös Loránd University (also in Budapest) and the University of Pécs. Hungary is also well-regarded for its medical schools and dental schools, many of which offer tailored programmes for foreign students.
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  With several top-ranked universities, the Swiss higher education system offers students the opportunity to take their education and future careers further! Plus, as a promoter of global participation, Switzerland is also an ideal choice for international students to study abroad. Because of its rich diversity, international students studying abroad in Switzerland will never grow tired of exploring their new home. Luckily, there’s another group of people who love to set out and explore Switzerland’s natural beauty: the Swiss themselves. You can join the local population on one of the countless trains, boats, or busses for a tour through one of the world’s most beautiful countries. This popular Swiss pastime is perfect for any student looking for something exciting, relaxing, or even romantic.
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There are more than 1.2 million students studying in Poland, at almost 380 universities. What is even more impressive most of the programs are offered in both Polish and English languages, on top of that, there are hundreds of languages that are taught here. There are a lot more colleges for arts as well as faculties of humanities and universities of technology, all of them equipped with ideal laboratories and super-computers. Poland is the place where you can earn a diploma that will open up doors to the best companies in Europe, and some of the best in the world. The country has many other perks, such as the fact that its medical schools are accredited in the US and that, while studying in Poland, you have access to the European Union’s study programs and are able to do internships or traineeships abroad. With top-quality, internationally recognized degrees, almost no other region in the world can set your career off to such a promising start. Do not forget that Poland has a favourable geographic location that has an excellent transport connection to the whole European Union at your fingertips!


  Lithuania has some of the best higher education institutions- colleges and universities. These institutions are known for their high quality of education and teaching level. The graduates from the Lithuanian higher education institutions are accepted worldwide for their skills and knowledge. Also, in Lithuania the higher education institutions provide a wide spectrum of academic programmes and qualifications, therefore making it an ideal study destination to fulfill professional dreams. The programmes are recognized internationally provide great employment opportunities to students.
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The education system of Cyprus comprises three degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Cyprus has three public and six private universities offering many in-demand courses for international students in Cyprus. One of the notable educational reforms to mention is that the Cyprus government formed the Cyrpus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation to improve the quality and competitiveness of the higher education sector. Cyprus is one of the most affordable study destinations for international students, and the cost of living in Cyprus is relatively lower compared to other European countries. Higher education institutions in Cyprus are allowed to set their own tuition fees, and they vary for every university, type of program and course duration.

Czech Republic

With a population of just over 10 million, the Czech Republic is packed full of hidden gems. And while it is rich in tradition and culture, it is still a very forward-thinking nation. In between studying, assignments and exams, students can take the opportunity to bask in one of the country’s many luxurious spas or tick off visiting the country’s 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and numerous medieval castles and monasteries. The country’s almost fairytale-like atmosphere intertwined with a contemporary flair makes for an exciting study abroad experience like no other. Mariia is originally from Russia and is studying for her bachelor’s in agriculture biotechnology at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. She has fond memories of visiting the Czech Republic, and Prague in particular, when she was nine years old.


UAE is known for its quality education. It is a home to a number of the world’s best institutions of higher learning. Many of the universities are ranked by the QS World University Rankings as the world’s best education providers. Additionally, a number of highly ranked universities based in other countries have branch campuses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE is a diverse mix of cultures, nationalities and ideas. Studying in UAE will allow you to know and learn about the Emirati culture. Different languages, such as English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and other are spoken. You will gain a wide knowledge and insight into a broad range of world cultures. In an increasingly globalized economy, UAE’s multi-cultural society provides pupils a unique environment for their minds to thrive and discover a new unique perspective of the world.
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Malaysia is an excellent country to study in. Students here enjoy high-quality education and can obtain foreign degree qualifications from universities in Australia, the UK, and the US at a comparatively lower cost than studying in these countries. The cost of living is lower, too, without compromising the quality of life. The country is generally peaceful, and you’ll feel safe living in this nation. It’s comfortable, too – plenty of amenities and facilities are offered by and around most colleges and universities. Finally, applying for a student visa is not difficult, as immigration procedures are pretty straightforward.
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When it comes to providing extensive fields of study, there are very few places that can compete with Mauritius. Students can pursue degrees like Masters, Diplomas and Post Graduate Certificates in various fields. Students can benefit from a great learning experience, as universities include industry visits and regularly conduct workshops and seminars. Thanks to these initiatives, students get to learn beyond their usual course material to be career-ready. Students from all over the world come to Mauritius for their further studies, so you will find a blend of different cultures, especially if you are planning to stay on campus. Although the native language in Mauritius is Mauritian Creole, English is a widely spoken language. You will be amazed to know that Mauritius is home to a large Indian diaspora.
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Malta is a beautiful place to live, work, and study. Also, the country offers exciting things to do and stunning landscapes to see. Under the scorching sunshine, you can enjoy the view of hilltop towns, seaports, old fishing villages, and natural attractions. In addition, the Maltese are warm, friendly, and helpful people. They are also very welcoming to foreign visitors, including students who study in Malta. And according to the 2019 Global Wealth Migration Review, Malta ranked the second safest country worldwide. From its stunning scenery to its hospitable people, Malta indeed is something. Moreover, it still has more reasons to convince you why Malta is a good choice. So, here is our list of advantages you can get if you decide to study in Malta.


Study abroad in China provides opportunities for international students to view things from Chinese perspective. Merging the knowledge of both China and their home countries will give students an advantage to explore future career opportunities. Students will gain first-hand experience in a rising world power. The insights gained from study in China will provide an advantage in job interview. Not only the study abroad experience can internationalize the resume, students can demonstrate that they have good understanding of Chinese market and ability to adapt to new cultures and environments. China is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students. Many students choose to study in China with the expectation of better employment opportunities in fields such as travel, news media, academics, diplomatic work, financial, trade, banking and a lot more. International companies are competing for talents with Mandarin Chinese skills to be placed as executives for their China ventures. With China as an emerging economic superpower, understanding the Chinese language and the value acquired by speaking Chinese is becoming increasingly important.
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Asia is one of the most interesting study-abroad destinations in the world, and many students are looking for life-changing experiences in an exotic country. For many, it is a dream to be able to explore vibrant cultures, create new experiences, and gain academic knowledge, but the expenses are too high. Vietnam is one of the most underrated study abroad destinations in Asia. In the past few years Vietnam has become an ideal study destination for international students on a budget. In addition to the cheap living costs, the country has incredible culture and is filled with friendly locals. Ho Chi Minh City is a center of business in Vietnam and the Foreign Trade University (FTU) is one of Vietnam’s top universities to study foreign trade. Over the years it has received recognition both in Vietnam and Asia. FTU’s satellite campus in Ho Chi Minh City offers studies in International Business Management, International Finance, Banking, Logistics and Economics.
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Japan is renowned for its excellent education system and is the top-performing OECD country in reading literacy, math and sciences with the average student scoring 529, well above the OECD average 486. 94.6% of Japanese adults aged 25-64 have completed upper secondary education, higher than the OECD average of 78%. All Japanese universities are regulated by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEXT) and therefore degrees from Japanese universities are recognized internationally. By choosing to study at a university in Japan, you can be assured of an excellent education.


Canada has become the go-to destination for international students to accelerate their learning curve. Students get the chance to enroll in the world’s best universities. Canadian universities rank high on the list of the world’s leading universities, which offer internationally acclaimed education and globally recognized degrees. Canada’s top three universities feature among the top 50 universities in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings 2022. These facts make it desirable for students to study in Canada.


  The UK education system is worldwide reputed for its high quality and standards. In general, the British higher education system has five stages of education: early years, primary years, secondary education, Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). Britons enter the education system at the age of three and up to 16 are obliged to attend school (compulsory education), while afterward is upon their choice.


  The German education system lays focuses on creativity and innovation, which makes it a great place for students to learn. There are three types of schools in Germany- public schools (free), private schools (not free), and vocational schools (employers pay for). Public schools are mandatory for children aged six to 16 and it’s the state that pays for them. Private schools are not mandatory, but they do offer better education opportunities. Vocational school is an alternative to university that can be paid for by employers as well as through loans or scholarships. The German education system is different in many ways from the ones in other countries and the classes are conducted in German and English. Public universities are financed by the government and do not charge tuition fees or just charge a small amount of money as Administration Fee at the start of the academic every year. Private universities in contrast are financed by the fees paid by students and these can be quite expensive. Germany has a larger number of public universities than private ones. German law says that education should be offered to everyone and everyone should be able to afford adequate education.


  Over the years, France has become a favourable destination to study for international students. Some of the benefits of studying in France include witnessing a different culture and society and allowing one to become the best version of themselves from within, studying at top-class universities, and the affordable cost of studying, etc. According to Campus France, the number of international students registered in France rose by 8% in 2021-22 and went over 400,000. In other news, France is all set to welcome 20,000 Indian students by 2025, therefore, creating opportunities for new businesses, start-ups and innovation. In 2019, 10,000 Indian students decided to pursue higher studies in France.


  Spain has a well-organized educational system and offers excellent opportunities to students pursuing a course in any field. The academic structure of the country provides ample learning opportunities. It prepares students for real-life experiences, and the education system reflects the same in totality. Hence, a large number of international students flock from various countries for higher studies in Spain. In terms of affordability, cities in Spain are usually less expensive than those in other European countries. Some of the most economical cities of Spain are Bilbao, Valencia, Granada, Alicante, Cordoba, Santiago De Compostela, Cadiz, Palma De Mallorca etc. These cities offer affordable accommodation and recreational activities options, making living costs more reasonable.


  Graduates from Singaporean institutions are primed and ready to conquer the ever-evolving global economy. Various global reports recognize Singaporean institutions as seats of world-leading research and innovation. Universities of Singapore maintain parity with top universities from across the globe in many subject areas such as law, computer science, mechanical engineering, materials science, statistics, accounting, and finance, communication and media studies, and pharmacy. There are 34 universities in Singapore. Six of them are public universities, which are open to both Singaporean and foreign students. The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the two well-known universities and also ranked in the world’s top 15.
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